Sales Representative

Job Description:

Title: Sales Representative

Work Location:  iQuasar Software Solutions, – Kashmir/Chandigarh

Work Hours: 04:00 P.M. to 01:00 A.M. I.S.T.

Sales Representative Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Cold calling; making multiple outbound calls to potential customers
  • Performing customized targeted sales strategies
  • Sharing information about iQuasar by following sales scripts
  • Meeting all quotas for cold, active, and inactive calls
  • Facilitating future sales
  • Meeting or exceeding sales goals
  • Answering potential customer questions and follow-up call questions
  • Closing sales and leading customer through iQuasar process
  • Understanding customer needs and offering solutions and support
  • Maintaining a record of calls through a computerized system
  • Collecting and updating call information
  • Engaging customer during a phone call with questions
  • Answering customer complaints and doubts with solid information
  • Updating database of prospective client information
  • Ensuring all calls are recorded properly
  • Assisting other team members as needed

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